EPS 25th anniversary

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One of the biggest challenges in electromobility is the development of efficient batteries and consequently increasing requirements for testing technology as well as the simulation of energy storage systems. The bi-directional power supplies E/PSB10000-4U range from 60-2000VDC and 40-1000A. It is also possible to combine up to 32 units in one network to build plants with up to 1.08 MW.


Standard units for many applications

EPS has established itself for many years as a reliable and professional partner for businesses and institutions involved in research, development and production. Regarding the optimal selection of AC/DC Power Supplies, AC/AC Frequency Converter, DC/DC Converter, Electronic Loads, DC/UPS- and Charger units – we are your partner.

All our units set standards when it comes to quality and safety, innovation as well as in the price/performance ratio.

 Standard units

Customized applications

Although we did our best to offer the widest choice of products you still might not find your individual solution for an adequate Power Supply or application.
Should you might miss a certain range in voltage or current or a particular detail in the equipment, we have the solution:

We modify a standard solution to meet your demands or we develop a new and individual Power Supply according to the specifications you define.

Customized applications

Our catalogue

All our products are mentioned in our catalogue, too. Beyond that it contains all standard products of our assortment as well as information to our customized applications. Request your copy today under the telephone number +49 (0) 821-570451-0 or download the catalogue as pdf file on your computer.

Latest EPS-Catalogue (PDF)
Latest EPS-Catalogue 8A(PDF)