EPS/CO AC/AC Frequency Converter 3000 VA - 17500 VA

EPS/CO AC/AC Frequency Converter 3000 VA - 17500 VA The microprocessor controlled converters »EPS/CO« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies cover double conversion technology and provide a pure sine wave output.
An output power between 3000VA at 11A until 17500VA at 65A is available.
The AC/AC fixed Frequency Converters with a single or three phase voltage input have an adjustable single phase output power from 3 until 270VAC. A bridge earth to output ist not allowed; an external galvanic seperation is required here. The frequency output, which is also controlled, is switchable from 50 to 60Hz fixed frequency. The 19"-units have for standard an analog interface as well an external contacts, i.e.for the ON/OFF switching.
The devices are overchargeable for 6 s and 1.5 times. The output voltage and frequency settings are made via the digital display with push-buttons. The display settings can also use the "Keyboard lock" to be locked.

The converters are used everywhere, where electrical devices are operated with sine-wave voltages and frequencies with different, deviating from the standard. This voltage and frequency converter series is an efficient and economical alternative to AC sources for the laboratory.

As an option a potentiometer for the output voltage, instead of the buttons is available and a RS232 as well Ethernet interface and a USB adapter (via the analog interface).
Also new as an option is the adjustable output frequency from 40 until 400Hz.

Energy Efficiency: Latest MOS technology, High efficiency

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