EPS/TSAC AC/AC Frequency Converter 20-500 kVA

EPS/TSAC AC/AC Frequency Converter 20-500 kVA The microprocessor controlled AC/AC Frequency Converters »EPS/TSAC« from EPS Stromversorgung offer a power from 10 to up to 500kVA / 15-800Hz, as they are needed for the operation such as inverters (PV simulation), pumps and engines, too.
Our frequency converters generate a 1 or 3-phase output voltage from a 1 or 3-phase input voltage. The output frequencies are fixed or can be adjustable between 16.7 and 800Hz. A galvanic isolation is carried out with the downstream isolating transformer, which adjusts the voltage at the same time. The sinusoidal output voltage of the transformer is electronically controlled. As a result, this voltage is constant regardless of changes in load or input voltage.
The power flow can occur in both directions (option sink, EPS/TSACR). There is a smooth transition between source and sink. The AC source can be seen as a grid simulator, with the specified voltage and frequency. Connected active loads need to synchronize to it.
An automatic filter charging circuit with resistors and bypass contactor limits the output current. The converter is also overload and short-circuit protected. For a short time, the inverter provides up to two and a half the rated curren, depending on the model (i.e. 2,5-times for 60sec., 1,25-times for 10min. and 1,1-times for 20min.). The mains input voltage is monitored for overvoltage and undervoltage, which immediately stop the inverter.

The control unit, mainly with VGA-TFT touchscreen display, is the interface between device and user. Here you can call up measured values, set values can be changed and the operating mode can be selected. Multiple devices can be configured by one control unit. Remote communication takes place via a RS232 interface or CAN bus or via an optional isolated Analog, RS485 or Ethernet interface. Thus, it can be connected to a computer network.

The system can be customized, e.g. as a frequency leading sinc operation, 2-channel emergency stop system, disconnector/circuit breaker AC output or a water cooling (IP54).
More options on request.

Energy efficiency: New technology, high efficiency

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