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EPS/MRM Redundancy module

EPS/MRM Redundancy module The redundancy module was designed for a save service with 2 redundant power supplies when one power supply has a failure or breakdown. In this redundancy module we integrate MosFETs instead of decoupling diodes, so we reduce massive the power losses. Due to the MosFET-Technology even the voltage loss is very low (typ. 60mV at 2x10A).
At a load current e.g. 40A the power loss is typ. only 3W.
With the new technology of the MRM we are also able to reduce massive the size.
Just connect the 2 power supplies to the input of the MRM and on the output you will get a save power output.

Effiziency: very high (typ. 1,8W at 48V and 2x10A)

Scope of delivery:
Redundancy module
EPS/MRM 48-40 Redundancy Module
Order code: 123823
Voltage:  48 V
Current:  0-40 A
:Design DIN Rail
Shipping time: quickly deliverable
MosFET Redundancy Module
Input Voltage: 48VDC (24-56V +/-15%)
Input Current: 2 x 20A
Output Current: 0 - 40A
Input to Output Voltage drop:
typ. 60mV (2x10A)
typ. 120mV (2x20A)
Power losses:
typ. 1,8W (2x10A)
typ. 5,4W (2x20A)
Temperature range: -40°C bis +70°C
Dimensions(WxHxD): 46x124x127mm

Customs tariff code: 8504.4082