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EPS/AC AC/AC Frequency Converter 0.5-30 kVA

EPS/AC300_4U The AC/AC Frequency Converter »EPS/AC« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies are extreme reliable and are used for inductive and capacitive loads. The applications are i.e. to simulate single- or three-phase AC grids by providing an adjustable voltage, current (except LR) and frequency (40/45 until 250Hz and/or 450Hz as well as hotspots 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz). The units are available in linear technology from 500 VA up to 10000 VA, the switching technology as single phase and/or three phase from 2000 VA until 30000 VA. The front output is suitable for Euro and Schuko plug (CEE) without PE connection.
The linear output can be temporarily overloaded by 2.5 times.

The electronically converted and stabilized output voltage of the AC source is isolated from the input and is completely adjustable from 0 V to the maximum. All models are designed in full or half 19” rack mount (from 4U with wheels) enclosures or cabinets.
All models offer the digital interfaces RS232 and RS485 for standard for remote control and monitoring, also the switching technology for synchronization and connection between other units (3-phase-operation). Three-phase variants can be additionally equipped with an optional GPIB interface. The units are controlled by the text based SCPI command set.
Further they have the feature to save various settings of voltage and frequency and to recall them when needed. It has a total of 18 memories for that, seperated into three groups.
The control panel can be locked via the key "key lock" or via remote. The mode is indicated by a red LED.

As options an extension of the voltage up to 600 V and a frequency of the linear sources (LR) up to 999 Hz are available, too.

Energy efficiency: High efficiency at the switching types

Scope of delivery:
Operation Manual
Set mains cable for AC source
RS232 null modem connection cable
Software with programming manual

EPS/AC 300_9U EPS/AC 300_19U EPS/AC 3ph_20U, 6/9kVA EPS/AC 3ph._35U, 22.5kVA