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E/PS 9000-ZH Laboratory Power Supply 2 Quadrant Modul 1,5-9 kW

EPS/9000-ZH 2Q The laboratory Power Supplies E/PS/I 9000 and E/PS/I 8000-2U (>1000W and up to 400V) of EPS Electronic Power Supplies are available with an internal electronic load EPS/ZH and operate with the source-sink principle. This means that the units can function, according to requirements, as voltage and the current sources and as a current sink.The necessary high output capacity can be achieved with a voltage reduction quickly and accurately by a dicharge with this load module. In the same way the capacity of connected equipment is discharged, whereby a rapid control dynamic of the units is achieved. The load is suitable for pulsed operation and can take peak power of up to 2400W, with an inbuilt thermal overload protection.

By the push of a button or by an external trigger signal, the trace of an automotive power network can be reproduced, which is factory-provided programmed. This curve is accoirding to DIN 40839 and can be changed by the user itself only with the digital power supplies E/PSI 8000-2U with the function manager. The starting voltage is fully adjustable and is therefore suitable for all standard voltages, e.g 12V, 24V and the future 42V.

A digital control is possible only via the Ethernet interface.

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply
Internal load module
Mains cord (CEE)
Operation manual

E/PS 9300-15-ZH 2 Quadrant Laboratory Power Supply

E/PS 9300-15-ZH 2 Quadrant Laboratory Power Supply
Order Code: 102102

Voltage:  0-300 VDC
Current:  0-15 A
Output Power:  1500 W
Design:  19 inch


Output Voltage: 0 V - 300 VDC
Output Current: 0 A - 15 A
Output Power: 1500 W
Intgetrated active load modul
Input Voltage: 90-264 VAC 1ph+N
(Derating <180V), 45-65 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 19" x 2U x 380
Programmable active load
Analog Interface
Remote sensing (auto-sensing)
Constant Voltage (CV) Current (CC) Power (CP)
Series- or Parallel Operation
Presetting of 5 output values


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