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E/PSI 9000 DT Laboratory Power Supply 320-1500 W

E/PSI9000-DT_Front The user-friendly laboratory power supplies of series "E/PSI 9000 DT" of EPS power supply are suitable by their compact desktop design with carrying handle and tilt stand especially for test systems and training institutions. Owing to a special filtering, the HF and NF output ripple are reduced to a level closing up to those of linear technology power supplies.
Different units with DC output voltages between 0-40V (SELV) and high 0-750V, currents between 0-4A and 0-60A and power from 0- 320/640/1000/1500W.
About the common features of power supplies also with the integrated function and arbitrary waveform sine, rectangular or triangular setpoint curves, offset, and other waveforms can be generated. Thus, complex processes, for example, for product testing, up to 100 sequences are both created and executed, as well as stored on a USB stick or loaded them (front). Also a photovoltaic source, a battery and a fuel cell simulation are possible.

All models are microprocessor-controlled. This allows accurate and rapid measurement and display of actual values. Setpoints and actual values, status displays and messages are clearly displayed on an intuitive TFT touch panel. Models with a nominal voltage of 200V or higher include a discharge circuit for the output capacities. For no load or low situations, it ensures that the dangerous output voltage can sink to below 60V DC in max.10 seconds (SELV according to EN60950). The implemented supervisions for all output parameters (Alarm Manager) can help to reduce test equipment and make it almost unnecessary to install external supervision hardware and software.

For the integration into semi-automatic and remotely controlled test and automatic systems, the units offer an isolated analog, a USB and an Ethernet interface.
The control software EPS/PC (124175) for Windows allows remote control of multiple similar or different devices (optional, up to 20). It has a clear display for all set and actual values, as well as direct input mode of SCPI and ModBus commands, a firmware update function and the semi-automatic control table "Sequencing".

Optionally available are a GPIB interface, calibration protocol and extended warranty up to 5 years.

Energy efficiency: Auto-ranging, high efficiency, temperature controlled fans

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply Unit
Test report
Mains cord Euro,UK and/or Swiss
plug (depending on destination)
Remote Sensing plug
USB cable 1,8m
USB-Stick with manual and Software

Autoranging E/PSI9000-DT_rear FR predefined internal restistance Freely Defineable Sequence Supervision