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EPS/3000/4000 B Universal Power Supply

EPS/3050B-Front The universal power supplies »EPS/3000/4000 B« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies offer versatile functionality, a practical housing design and excellent values.

There are no ventilation slots in either the top or base of the units, also no external heat sinks. This attention to safety and protection makes it ideal for schools and universities as well as test and development laboratories and industry.
The adjustable 0-30V and 0-300V AC voltages of the AC output are also available as DC output, via a rectifier and switchable capacitor filter.
The model »EPS/3048B has an adjustable output from 0-30V AC and DC at 5A.
At the model »EPS/3050B« the outputs 0-30V AC and DC or 0-300V AC and DC can be used only alternatingly, because of an internal range switching.
The model »EPS/3051B« is stabilized power supply with Power-MOSFET end stages. The output voltage and output current are adjustable from 0-32V and 0-5A.
The »EPS/4000B« is with a variable transformer for a continuously variable output voltage of 0-260V AC at 3A or 4,5A. A further transformer provides a fixed output voltage of 230V AC at 2A. The AC outputs are available on safety sockets on the front panel. Output 3 is a regulated stabilized DC voltage of 3-6V/2A. Output 4 is a stabilized power supply with Power-MOSFET end stages. Output voltage and output current are adjustable from 0-32V and 0-5A, too. Output 5 has several AC voltages with 2A maximum load.
All models feature for output voltage and output current illuminated 3-digit volt and ampere meters. Galvanic isolation between all outputs and mains power is provided.

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply
Mains cable (CEE)
Operation manual

EPS/4000 B-4,5 Universal Power Supply

EPS/4000 B-4,5 Universal Power Supply
Order Code: 101055

Voltage:  230 VAC / 0-260 VDC / 3-6 VDC
Current:  2A / 4,5A / 2A, stabil.
Design:  Desktop


Output 1: 230 V AC / 2A
Output 2: 0 V bis 260 V AC / 4,5A
Output 3: 3 V bis 6 V DC / 2A stab.
Output 4: 0 V bis 32 V DC / 0-5A stab.
Output 5: 3/12/18/24 VAC / 2A
Input Voltage: 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Three-digit display
Adjustable isolated transformer
100% duty cycle
Safety EN61010, EN60950, EMI EN 61326
Dimensions (WxHxD mm): 480 x 185 x 270

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