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EPS/8730 Laboratory Power Supply 60-150 W

EPS/8730 Front The linear controlled laboratory power supplies »EPS/8730« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies demonstrates a compact design, practical housing and excellent values. The units have an extrem low ripple of 50µA and a max. resolution of 1mA and/or 10mV. The series is available with dual and quintuple output up to a power range of 80W.

The Power Supplies are parallel and serial switchable and also the »Tracking« feature provides simultaneous control of both main outputs.
The units are closed at top and bottom and have no external heat sinks. Thus are especially suitable for use in schools and training establishments. The safety sockets are in front of the unit.

Nominal values for voltage, current, overvoltage (OVP) as well the actual values of output voltage and current are indicated at a three and a half-digit LED display. The OVP will protect a malfunctioning application from overvoltage by immediate output shutdown.

The unit can be monitored and remotely controlled by a optional Analog or USB Interface, too. Optional the power supply is available as 19" or with a carrying handle.

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply
Mains cable CEE
Operation manual