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EPS/HC 4000 DC Current Source 1250 - 3900W

EPS/HC 1000-19 The series »EPS/HC 4000« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies is a range of adjustable, heavy-duty, switched mode power supplies offering standard output voltages from 5 up to 30V, output currents up to 600A and output power ratings up to 3900W (different other output voltages/currents/power ratings upon request). The units are used in high-power environments such as electroplating and Plasma (surface treatment, hardening), multiple industrial applications (powering of electric engine starters, DC motors, automatic end-of-line test systems for the testing of contactors, relays, switches) and heavy duty components in general.
All units are short-circuit proofed and overload protected.

Operation and control are very simple with the backlit 3-line LCD display and a tough touch panel.
The units are available in 3 different form factors.

The 19-inch power supplies can be controlled via built-in analogue interface. A isolated interface with an amplifier (0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA) is optionally available.

Optionally digital interfaces (modules) for RS232, RS485, Profibus, Profinet and USB are available to control all the functions via a PC. An Ethernet interface is available on request, too.

Remote sensing can be optionally done via a dedicated input which is directly connected to the load equipment, in order to compensate for voltage drops on the load cables.

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply
Operation Manual

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