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EPS/HC 5000-WCL DC Current Source 30 - 200 kW

EPS/HC 5000-WCL(1) front The series »EPS/HC 5000-WCL« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies is a range of adjustable, switched mode high current sources offering standard output voltages from 6V up to 30V, output currents up to 10000A and output power ratings up to 200 kW (different other output voltages (new with 1000V)/until 200A/power ratings upon request). Due to the modular design a multiple output in one cabinet is possible, e.g. 2x 2500A or 2x 5000A. The units are used in high-power environments such as electroplating and Plasma (surface treatment, hardening) and multiple industrial applications (powering of electric engine starters, DC motors, automatic end-of-line test systems for the testing of contactors, relays, switches).
Really new is the process of electrolysis, in which our plants are used. In this process, high current is passed through water, which eventually generates hydrogen.
All units are short-circuit proofed and overload protected. A shutdown, with a defined restart, occurs in the case of undervoltage or overvoltage.

If the waste heat from the power supply or the dimensions are a problem in your company, you should consider this water cooled system. The advantages are very large in this case. Of course, we offer you the necessary assistance in the integration. The robust technology with precise control allows you to achieve the best results. The proved power supply units themselves can be equipped with numerous functions. Via the internal CAN interface numerous fieldbus couplers can be docked.

The bulk power supplies can be controlled optionally via built-in analogue interface. As an option the operation and control are very simple with the backlight 3-line LCD display »EPS/HC280« and a tough touch panel. An isolated interface with an amplifier (0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA) is optionally available, too.
Optionally digital interfaces (modules) for RS232, RS485, Profibus and USB (on analog) are available to control all the functions via a PC. Profinet and Ethernet are on request.

Remote sensing can be optionally done via a dedicated input which is directly connected to the test equipment, in order to compensate the voltage drops on the lines.
The system can be provided optionally with main switch, fuses and sub-distribution in a seperate cabinet.

Energy efficiency: Water cooling

Scope of delivery:
Cabinet system
Waterconnection via 3/4 inch
Operation Manual

EPS/HC 50220-900-WC DC Current Source

EPS/HC 50220-900-WC DC Current Source
Order Code: 103251

Voltage:  0-220 VDC
Current:  0-900 A
Output Power:  120000 W
Design:  Cabinet


Control option: via EPS/HC 280
Output Voltage: 0-220 VDC
Output Current: 0-900 A
Output Power: 198000 W
Controller: digital, microprocessor
Enclosure: IP54
Mains Voltage: 3x400 VAC +-10%, 50-60 Hz
max. ambient temperature: 5-40°C
Water cooled, temperature controlled
Cooling water Requirement:32l/min at8k temp.
Dim. (WxHxD mm): 600 x 2000(+200) x 600
Constant Voltage (CV), Constant Current (CC)
Possibility of seriial or parallel operation
Without Circuit breaker and mains fuse


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