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EPS/M Laboratory Power Supply 1000-15000 W

EPSM/S/P-1U The microprocessors controlled Power Supplies »EPS/M« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies are especially suitable for test systems and industrial controls due to their compact construction in a 19" enclosure with 1 and 2 (3) height units.
High output currents between 0-750A at i.e. 0-20V DC and high output voltages between 0-1200V DC at i.e. 0-1A are available. The Power Supplies can operate in Constant Current, Voltage, Resistance and Power mode. And with it these can operate an UI, UIP, UIR mode as well as for example, simulate a PV characteristic. Any output characteristics can be started from the script control of the memory card (SD card) (Option). A data logger can log the actual values. The combination of a programmable control and a data logger creates a self-sufficient "stand-alone" test system.

Actual values, set values and status are clearly represented on the grafic display.
For remote control using a PC or PLC the devices are provided as standard with an Ethernet and USB-B slot on the rear side as well as a galvanically isolated analog interface.
Thus the power supplies may, for example, be operated with other power supplies or even other types of equipment or controlled by a PC or PCL, all using the digital interfaces.

Actual values, setting values and states are clearly represented on a graphic display.
For the remote control by PC or SPS the equipment has a rear RS232-interface in series as well as an isolated analog interface.
Optionally are available a USB, a GPIB or an Ethernet interface.

In addition according to standard the devices offer the possibility of the parallel operation (Master Slave) in the Share-bus mode for constant current allocation.
A Soft-Interlock is likewise integrated, which makes a controlled Switch-Off of the equipment possible.

Further options are the »EPSM-ATE« without front operation, an output characteristic after default or a programmed 12V starter curve »EPSM-KFZ12«.

Energy efficiency: high efficiency, Stand-by switch, temperature controlled fans

Scope of delivery:
Power Supply Unit
Operation Manual
Mains Cable (CEE)