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EPS/PP 8000 Reverse Puls Power Supply 200-64000 W

EPS/PP 8000 The series »EPS/PP 8000« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies is a range are adjustable, switched mode high Reverse Puls Current Sources offering standard output voltages from 6V or higher, 200W and higher and output currents up to 4x1060/2400A (different other output voltages/currents/power ratings upon request). The units are used in deposition and coating processes. Numerous electrochemical processes can be significantly optimized with the help of these methods.
The units are microrprocessor controlled. Additional to the external bus control system the internal controlling of the power output stages is handled by a Digital Signal Processor "DSP".

The following devices are used:
- Switch mode and transformer units
- DSP Digital Signal Processor
- MPP power output stage
- Supply units
- Mains filter boards

The indirect coupling (galvanic isolation) of the control signals between the different pulse devices is done by the digital signal processor.
The system can be provided optionally with main switch, fuses and sub-distribution in a seperate cabinet.
Easy generation of complex waveforms with up to 16 individual steps with 2 individual amplitudes (Ix1 and Ix2 as well as tx1 and tx2), that can be positive or negative.
The Puls Power Supplies of smaller power are air cooled, bigger power are water cooled to fulfill the requirements of protecting grade IP54.
The power supplies can be controlled via a big built-in display. Digital interfaces (modules) for RS485 and optionally for Profibus and Ethernet are available to control all the functions via a PC.
Voltage regulation on request.

Energy efficiency: microprocessor controlled

Scope of delivery:
Cabinet system
Waterconnection via 1/2 inch
or bayonet (watercooled devices)
Operation Manual

EPS/PP 8000 Pulse Shapes EPS/PP 8000 Average Value EPS/PP8000 Example generatedPulse Curve1 EPS/PP 000 Example generatedPulse Curve2