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EPS/TSDCR Battery-charging/testsystem 10-500kW

EPS/FW Customized Power Supply Source - Sink - Battery Charger - Inverter - Frequency converter up to 500kW/kVA

For vehicles are developed increasingly hybrid and electric drives. With development-accompanying tests within this range like e.g. for the emulation of a battery, units are needed with extremely high power.

EPS Electronic Power Supplies has specialized in these applications and supplies now a test solution co-ordinated with the requirements: Up to 500 KW in a voltage range from 8 to 1000 V, as they are needed for tests for appropriate components such batteries and fuel cells, too. The systems can operate in parallel after a modular concept.

In difference to normal DC sources the systems have four independently usable output channels and can both work as source and sink. They feed taken up electricity with high efficiency back into the mains. External loads are redundant thereby and electricity, which would be lost otherwise, can be back-fed. With the described applications of tests this back-feed ability is a crucial factor, as one works here with unusually high power. Likewise the systems are overload able up to 1,5 times.

All units have an electrically isolated output, are controllable over an optional Touchscreen terminal and a CAN/RS232-interface according to standard or are optionally available with an Ethernet interface.
The system can be programmed freely and has specific algorithms, which most diverse tests make possible like e.g. the boost loading of batteries or battery simulation. Further applications are appropriate for mains simulation, feed-in at solar plants, avionics (adjustable output frequency 16.7-800 Hz) as well as peak load illustrations.

For safety an integrated event memory is provided, too.

Energy efficiency: high efficiency, power back-feed

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