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Energy is precious - sustainability as a guiding principle
Clean energy from renewable resources has a lasting and positive impact on our lives and provides for a desirable future.

The energy transition is becoming more and more complex. Future energy systems such as photovoltaic fields, wind and hydropower plants or biomass power plants will be fundamentally different from what we know today. To use and increase global electricity supply from renewable energies successfully there are still numerous questions about the integration of future-proof energy supply systems have to be answered.

Innovative technologies set new standards in the field of energy efficiency. With the new generation of our regenerative power units from the EPS / TSDCR / PSB series and EPS / ELR, we actively contribute to solving the global energy problem and thus providing the decisive advantage.

Which tasks in the field of power supply do you want to solve? From the idea to the realization, EPS Power Supplies offer a wide range of possibilities for testing, verifying and manufacturing components, assemblies and plant components for the generation of renewable energies.

Our principles and our visions - and how you can benefit from them
  • Quality at the top of our list of priorities!
    Perfect service, competent staff and high quality products are our key to success. We are searching the optimal solutions for our customers at the best price. Your satisfaction is important to us.

  • Together with our customers we shape the future!
    For our customers, we are a reliable and strong partner. As a manufacturer and a supplier our top priority is that our customers can invest in future-proof products.

  • With strong partners in the market!
    We maintain intensive long-term relationships with our customers and business partners.

  • Role model for the future!
    We comply with the ethical and ecological guidelines and protect the society and the environment in which we operate.

  • We are only satisfied when you are impressed!
    Our customers can rely on competent advice before the purchase as well as on comprehensive support & repair services after the purchase.