EPS/ELR 9000 Electronic Load with energy recovery 3.5-10.5 kW

EPS/ELR 9000 Electronic Load with energy recovery 3.5-10.5 kW The electronic high performance loads »EPS/ELR 9000« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies are especially suitable for test systems and industrial controls due to their compact construction of a 19" enclosure (3U). The DC input range features new voltages up to 1500V, currents up to 510A at power ratings with 10,5kW. Apart from basic functions of electronic loads, set point curves can be produced in the integrated function generator (sine, rectangular, triangular). The new FPGA/DSP based control circuit provides additional features like a function and arbitrary generator, a table based regulation circuit for the control of dynamic load profiles or the simulation of non-linear internal resistances, like the ones of batteries or LED chains.

The energy recovery function converts the supplied DC energy into a synchronous sine current and feeds it back into the 230V/400V or optional 208V mains. Here an efficiency of up to 94,5% will be reached. In common system, the energy from burn-in tests and battery capacity tests is radiated into the environment. This energy can be recovered with this unit. In the battery test mode, even a battery can be discharged with a constant current, - power or - resistance until the battery voltage reaches an adjustable final discharge voltage. If this threshold is exceeded, the load input is automatically switched off (deep discharge protection). The discharge time and consumed charge (Ah) are measured and displayed
or alternatively recorded on a USB stick.
The big colored TFT resistive touch panel offers a different and intuitive kind of manual handling compared to other devices.
For the remote control using a PC or PLC there are already two interfaces built-in (1x fast Analog, 1x USB), which can also be extended by optional, pluggable and retrofittable, digital interface modules for RS232, RS485, CAN, CANopen, Ethernet, Profibus as well as a GPIB interface. The front side USB port Typ A makes it possible, to build an independent "stand-alone" test system. For the connection of standard USB sticks up to 32 GB, values tables for the function generator (UI and IU functions) may be loaded or 100 arbitrary function sequences can be loaded or saved.

The configuration, if at all necessary, is simple. Thus the loads may, for example, be operated with other loads or even other types of equipment using the digital interfaces. In addition the devices offer the possibility to connect the compatible power supplies via a Shared Bus, in order to create a so-called two-quadrant system. This operation mode uses the source-sink principle for testing devices, components and other parts in many industrial areas. A genuine master slave connection with totalling of the slave units is also provided as standard. Operating in this way allows the units to be combined to a single system with a total power of 200 kW at 10000 A and more.

Further options are a grid and system protection and preconfigured cabinet systems.

Energy Efficiency: Energy recovery, high efficiency, temperature regulated fans

Scope of delivery:
El. Load Recovery
AC-plug 5 pole
Share-Bus plug
Remote sense plug
USB-cable 1.8m
Set DC-terminal cover(s)
USB-Stick with manual and Software