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EPS/EL 9080-400 WC Electronic Load 4,8 kW
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EPS/EL 9080-400 WC Electronic Load 4,8 kW
Order Code: 112864

Input Power:  0-4800 W
Design:  19 Zoll


Input Voltage: 0 V - 80 V DC
Input Current: 0,01 A - 400 A
water cooling
Mains: 115/230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Dim. (WxHxD mm): 19"x3Ux460
Operation mode: CV, CC, CP, CR, CC+CP, CV/CR/CP+CC
A/B-operation: Two different adjusted values selectable
and switchable for all operation modes
Puls operation with adjustable pulse-pause ratio
Rise and fall time adjustable
Battery test mode with time and capacity counter
Trigger input, system bus
Over temperatur protection
Incl. Analog Interface
Parallel operation possible

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