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EPS/ELA Electronic Load 250+500 W

EPS/ELA250 Front The »EPS/ELA« of EPS Electronic Power Supplies are electronic regulated DC loads for constant I- or R-operation with a power up to 250W and 500W. With a DC load range starting at 0.35VDC up to 160VDC they are designed for applications like DC/DC converter loading, chargers, multiple output power supplies, etc.

Everywhere, DC loads are needed as a stand-alone type or integrated via interface in any system application, the series offers most intelligent features such as: Reverse Voltage Protection, Load On/Off, RCP (Remote Control Port) Interface with additional +15VDC voltage to supply external components, Local Lockout, U- and I-Monitor buffered, load-on-relay at Power-Up, a.m.m.

To set the nominal values (Ia / Ra) for the two channels A and B fine control (10% Imax and 10% Rmax range) and coarse control (range about 90% Imax and 90% Rmax) are provided.

An analog interface for the programming and monitoring of the I-operation is already integrated.
The I-, U-, P- and G- Constant Mode is optional extern programmable via the GPIB, RS232, USB Interface incl. driver as well as G-Module. The bench-top and/or 19inch rack mounting units are available us a front-end unit without any operation instruments.

Energy Efficiency: Latest MOS technology, temperature regulated fans

Scope of delivery:
Mains cable (CEE)
Operation Manual

EPS/ELA505 Front EPS/ELA505 Rear EPS/ELA250-19rack mount