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EPS/BCI 8000 Battery Charger 1.5-150 kW

E/PSI9000-2U_TFT Front Power supplies as basis für battery test stands of EPS Electronic Power Supplies

- Power ratings from 1.5 kW up to 150 kW, in order to charge higher capacities
- Universal application for all battery types
- Suitable to build two-quadrant-operation systems with electronic loads for battery string tests
- Various digital interfaces available
- Analog interface built-in
- Integration into existing test stands supported

Batteries are usually charged using dedicated battery charger of various kind. Some of the standard chargers are only capable of charging a specific battery type, others support all common types. All chargers have a common detail – they are based on a power supply block. This core component delivers the power to charge the batteries. Around it, there are several additional components, like a battery managment circuit with software, false polarity protection and others, all required in order to efficiently and smoothly charge a battery.
Another thing battery chargers have a common is that they are generally only available with lower power. This is due the installed false polarity protection and others, all require even bigger contactors and thus make the charger bigger and heavier.
Laboratory power supplies do not have these limitations. Hence they are very suitable to be the core component of a flexible battery test stand or similar applications.
Using temperature sensors and actual values from the power supply, like actual voltage and current, the control software can supervise the battery and ambient conditions and control charging voltage and current accordingly.
As a protection against sparks that may occur when connecting a battery or battery string, a serial diode may be installed.

Suitable power supply series
- E/PS 9000 2U/3U
- E/PSI 9000 2U/3U (programmable charging characteristic)