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EPS/ELR ENS 2 (AIU) <=10.5kW Mains Supervision System
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EPS/ELR ENS 2 (AIU) <=10.5kW Mains Supervision System
Order Code: 102516


with switch-off function
Mains AC: L1, L2, L3, N, PE
Grid and plant protection according to VDE-AR-N-4105
and italian standard CEI 0-21
For Germany and Italy; other countries have to examine
in individual cases. Not for 60Hz operation!
Incl. 2x Relay 16A, 4-phases
Incl. 2x Feedback Contacts
Dim. (WxHxD): 19"x3Ux131mm
Installing such a device is usually required only when
running the electronic load in so-called isolated operation,
where the recovered energy is higher than that consumed.
The modul supervises the energy recovery regarding AC grid
voltage, frequency and phase angle and automatically cuts
the backfeeding device from the grid in case the supervised
parameters are not met.

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