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The new EPS/PC Power Control Software is freely available and compatible with the following device series:
  • E/PSI 9000 2U/3U
  • E/PS 9000 1U/2U/3U
  • E/PS 5000
  • E/PSI 5000
  • EPS/EL 9000 B/HP/2Q
  • EPS/EL 9000T / DT
  • E/PS 2000B TFT
  • E/PS 3000C
  • EPS/ELR 9000
  • EPS/ELR 5000
  • E/PSE 9000
  • E/PS 9000-T
  • E/PSI 9000-T/DT
  • EPS/EL 9000-T/DT
  • E/PSI 10000
  • E/PSB 10000
  • EPS/ELR 10000
Legal note: this software can only run with the above listed type of device. Any modification of content, name, logo or trademark, as well as resale, rental or other use is prohibited. Download and installation at one's own risk. Any damage, caused by the use of this software on a PC, is not subject of adherence of the vendor. This software is Freeware and free of charge and does not claim to be complete, correct, exact or free from errors.


Drivers & Programming Manuals

EPS_Tools&Drivers IF-AB 06-2022 Download
EPS_HP_MS_Treiber_LV86_V1 Download
EPS_MP_LV8.0_V1.8_03 Download



Note: Do not try to unpack the file, just open it in the update tool as it is!

Firmware Updates readme.txt Download
E_PSB 9000 History EN
E_PSE 9000 History EN
E_PSI 5000 History EN
E_PSI 9000 History EN
EPS 10000 History EN
EPS 2000b History EN
EPS 5000 History EN
EPS 9000 History EN
T-Models History EN
EPS/EL 3000B, EPS 3000C History EN
ELM 5000 History EN
ELR 9000 History EN
IF-AB-CAN History EN